This section provides quick information on how to access components of your Environment.

Access Options

In the Access Information pane for your Environment, connection details are provided for the following types of access: * Shell Access (SSH) * AWS S3 Bucket browser access * VisualHPC™ access to a virtual UI on the login node * Data Transfer access for SCP and WebDAV * IP addresses for your Control and Login nodes * Terminal window links to access Login and Scheduler nodes, as well as each File System node

Access Tab Screen

Enabling VisualHPC™

To enable a virtual UI on your login node, turn the “Enable my persistent VNC for all environments” switch to the “On” position. Your VNC link(s) will be displayed, and you can access them through MyVNC, a small freeware program available for download from multipe locations online.

Accessing a Terminal Window

To access any node via a terminal window, select the “Terminal” link beside the node you wish to access.

Access Terminal Option

A terminal window will open as shown. The Phone Keys button allows you to access standard keys on a keyboard while managing an environment from your phone.

Terminal Window