Control Instance Config

After you have launched the AMI, complete the following initial setup tasks: It takes about 5 minutes for the instance to come up and self configure fully. Once it does, you will see the following:

Wait for DNS to propagate screen

Once DNS propagates, you will be taken to the following page to upload the AWS .pem keyfile you referenced when you launched the instance.

Control Instance Configuration Key Verification Screen

Next, provide the following information to complete the initial setup: (All information you provide is used only in CloudyCluster and never leaves your Amazon Web Services account.)

Control Instance Configuration Setup

If you select the federated Twitter, Facebook, Google or InCommon login methods, the CloudyCluster user will also be saved to your AWS account. The federated login methods are valid for web login, but ssh and webDAV still require a CloudyCluster username and password.

Control Instance Main Menu Scren

You have successfully completed the initial control instance configuration.