Quick Start Deployment Guide

The following instructions outline the various aspects of launching, configuring and running jobs in CloudyCluster.


CloudyCluster is launched in 4 phases or steps.

  1. To use CloudyCluster you must first launch the Control Instance, which provides the management web-ui and associated APIs, using one of two methods. The cost of CloudyCluster instances is 5% above the AWS instance charges.

    • The first option is through the AWS Marketplace and CloudFormation
      AWS Marketplace Control Instance Launch

    • The second option is to setup an IAM role manually, then launch your Control Instance using it. Manual Control Instance Launch

    • Complete the Control Instance Configuration [Configure the Control Instance]](/quickstart-deployment-guide/control_instance_config/)

      Control Instance Diagram

  2. Second, an HPC environment, including options from compute, storage, login and scheduler instances.
    HPC Environment Creation

    CloudyCluster Diagram

  3. Autoscaling HPC compute resources based on the jobs that are submitted to CCQ. Elastic HPC Job Submission with CCQ and OrangeFS

CloudyCluster Elastic Compute Diagram